RETREET is a kaleidoscopic group of bicycle and tree enthusiasts with strong backs, sharp minds, and big hearts who volunteer to replant communities whose trees have been lost to natural disaster.


Did you receive a sapling from RETREET or another organization for Earth Day or Arbor Day? Not sure what to do with it? Read the instructions below, provided by our friends at Tree Town USA!


Plant your tree in a small pot, 1-3 gallons in size. Make sure to use good soil with lots of organic matter content. The richer the soil, the more nutrients the tree will have to grow!

Place the potted tree in an outdoor location where it gets moderate to full sun.

Water your tree every day for two weeks. Make sure the water drains. This will help your tree get acclimated to its new environment.

After two weeks, only water your tree every 2-3 days. This will make your tree grow roots in search of water, allowing it to form a good rootball in the soil.

If you live in a place where it gets really hot over the summer, start watering your tree every day again when the heat starts. If your tree starts to wilt, it needs water!

Plant your tree in the ground next winter. Regularly water your tree for a year while it is getting established.