Our Mission

RETREET is a kaleidoscopic group of bicycle and tree enthusiasts with strong backs, sharp minds, and big hearts who volunteer to replant communities whose trees have been lost to natural disaster.


RETREET redefines disaster relief by engaging communities to replant lost trees.



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RETREET is a 501(c)(3) public charity founded by a motivated group of arborists, cyclists, and project managers. Our organization provides disaster relief to stricken communities on a local, national, and international level by leading volunteers in restoring decimated urban forests. There is no other agency solely focused on this widely neglected issue, and most disaster victims do not have the time, money, and ability to replant their own lost trees. Through direct action and community engagement, we offer a unique solution to an urgent problem at a relatively low cost.

RETREET’s main planting events usually take place over a weekend. Our concept crystallized around making service as fun as it is rewarding. We host community events, inviting all of the locals for whom we plant to join us. These events events allow RETREETers to relax, get to know each other and the locals better, and celebrate the work they have done and the new skills they have gained.


❋ Community

❋ Environmental Stewardship

❋ Planting & Care Education

❋ Transparency

❋ Volunteerism

The pursuit of our mission naturally draws us together. That which defines you at home does not apply on RETREET. We form teams of strangers from all walks of life to complete a task that is highly beneficial to everyone involved. We get to know the people we are helping. We step into their world and see their long road to recovery. Then, we help them down that path. We are thankful for our own blessings and fulfilled by the thanks we receive for the work we do. Being on RETREET is a profoundly invigorating and gratifying experience. It is unforgettable and addictive. RETREETers head home tired, sore, accomplished, and content.

In sum, our mission is to augment diminished communities with excited volunteers who have traveled in to aid locals in the rebuilding process by planting powerful symbols of hope that will impact the urban environment for generations to come.