RETREET is a kaleidoscopic group of bicycle and tree enthusiasts with strong backs, sharp minds, and big hearts who volunteer to replant communities whose trees have been lost to natural disaster.

Memorial Day Weekend 2014

Upon our return from Fort Collins and with 54 trees in the ground in Evans, we want to take a moment to thank all of our partners in the project. Your support greatly impacts our ability to get the job done. THANK YOU!

Fort Collins Wholesale Nursery donated 16 large oaks, one for every home, and worked with our budget to provide the rest of the trees. Such quality stock! Special thanks to Dan and Louie.

Hitch and the folks at Fort Collins Tree Care helped us spot where each tree should go and delivered everything to each home before the RETREET began. You guys are the best!

Colorado Park and Wildlife donated the use of Soldier Canyon Picnic Area in Lory State Park for the welcome dinner and set us up with a generator so the band could rock the valley. Whole Foods hooked us up with dinner. That was a great night!

Matt at Odell Brewing Co gave us a fantastic tour of their facility and wetted our whistles with numerous complementary beers. A tasty treat, to say the least!

The Home Depot gave us all the mulch we needed for planting day.

RECOVER again supplied their uniquely comfortable, durable, and upcycled shirts, giving our group an unmistakable look. Your shirts rock!