Our Lingo

RETREET is a kaleidoscopic group of bicycle and tree enthusiasts with strong backs, sharp minds, and big hearts who volunteer to replant communities whose trees have been lost to natural disaster.





All of the RETREETers, partners, sponsors, and donors who sustain RETREET and aid in the accomplishment of its mission. 


The planting of trees at a single home site. 


A local tree-planting event, often run by another organization, that RETREET supports with equipment and volunteers.  Usually excellent opportunities to hone tree-planting skills and spread the word about our organization.


An initial excursion into a disaster area in which we plan to hold a RETREET.  On pRETREET, RETREET staff touch base with locals who desire to help and size up the situation on the ground.


A weekend event during which a group volunteers rides bicycles, attends community events, and plants trees for homeowners who are rebuilding their community in the wake of disaster.


Any volunteer who joins us on RETREET.


An in-kind sponsorship agreement between RETREET and a corporation.


A party thrown in celebration of RETREET.