Charter Members

Our organization is entirely funded by your donations. 

All donors who contributed to RETREET between January 1, 2013 and December 31, 2013 are our Charter Members. The Charter Members are the cardinal donors who set us on the path to sustainability. 

You will be remembered and your Charter Membership will last forever.


Our Charter Members are comprised of all those who contributed to RETREET in 2013. They are the cardinal donors who supported us in the beginning and set us on the path to sustainability.

We are forever thankful to those listed below, and to all who have helped us plant more trees for more people.



Bartlett Tree Experts
Collective Strategies
Stuart Crow
Gregory Hill
Kyle McGahan
Mark McGahan
Tree Town USA


Billingsley Company
Nathan Crow
Erik Lamb
Ft. Collins Wholesale Nursery
Ocean One Condominiums
Dan Patterson
Whole Earth Provision


Roger Anderson
Greg Carver
Steven Houser
Arborilogical Services Inc.
Dairy Waste Management
Lakewood Brewing Company


Organics by Gosh
Steve Parker
Helen Steussy
Tim Sullivan
Gloria Thibodeaux

BUD (UNDER $250)

Anonymous (4)
Karin Anderson
Thomas Armstrong
Kellie Arndt
Harry Banker
Josh Behounek
Kristina Bezanson
Courtney Blevins
Doug Bryan
Goodloe Byron
Jedrzej Bzdega
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Clark
Katy Craig
Doreen Crenshaw
Laurie DeMarco
Karen Ebling
Kathy Gilmour
Christine Hager

Neil Irvin
Andrew Jacobs
Zsofia Jilling
Doc Kuster
Chris Limpus
Hays Lindsley
Bryan Madole
Ellen O'Brien
Susan Pierce
Daniel Rivas
The Reese Family
Lauri Samford
Eli Jelly-Schapiro
Tim Simko
Rob and Laurie Tranchin
Dave Wells
Angus Wheeler
William Young
Whole Foods Market

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