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With the Winter Olympics in full swing, we wanted to share some links to quirky Russian stories about bikes, trees, and communities. So, click the links below to see:

  1. A chainsaw-powered bicycle;

  2. Some BMX cyclists jumping off the roof of a 16-story building;

  3. The tale of a family who survived in the Siberian wilderness for 40 years without contact with the outside world;

  4. More about the Taiga Forest, the largest terrestrial biome on Earth, in which 29% of the world's trees live.

If you want to learn more about life in the Taiga, check out Werner Herzog's documentary Happy People: A Year in the Taiga. In the meantime, enjoy the games!

Chainsaw Bike!

Chainsaw Bike!

Russian Roof Jumping.

Surviving Siberia.

The Taiga Forest.

The Taiga Forest.